Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Modlins T-shirt contest

Get your design for the Street Scene 2007 logo done yet? Only two days to go. If so, San Diego indie poppers The Modlins are holding a contest to design their T-shirts, with a possible first prize being a date with a Modlin. Or you might just get a handshake, they say. But, obviously, that's on top of the gratification of seeing your design on the shirts.

Here's the deal, from the band:

You get to design the most excellent T-shirt you have ever designed (preferably one that says The Modlins somewhere on it). Then you get to send the design to al@themodlins.com, or just write an e-mail describing how awesome your idea is, if you don't want to do some sort of actual drawing type of design.

For more info, the Modlins Myspace page
Baby Heisman review of Saturday's Modlins show

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