Monday, May 14, 2007

The Modlins @ Scolari's, 5-12-07

The Modlins literally wear their 1950s-60s pop influences on their sleeves, but they definitely don't have the stodgy, statuesque live show that comes to mind when you think of Buddy Holly or the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

On Saturday night, the Modlins played a fantastic mix of tracks of their album, older songs, and even a new song called "You Said" that they've been playing at their past few shows (which sounded especially good).

The band adds a bit of a rock to give their songs an extra edge live — guitarist and vocalist Eric Killian even did a full power-chord jump at one point — which makes for an extremely entertaining show that got the crowd up and dancing.

In a music scene full of secrets, the Modlins are one of S.D.'s best-kept. Don't ... sleep ... on ... this ... band ... even if you don't live in S.D. And if the suits scare you off, if you feel like it's too much of a gimmick, give it a chance. It completely fits their music and shows. Besides, your band has a gimmick, too.

The Modlins — Dragging My Feet (MP3)
The Modlins — I Wouldn't Know What To Do (MP3)
Baby Heisman interview with the Modlins
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