Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elliot Smith photo book

Photo of concert poster in my bedroom not included.

It's completely overcast here in San Diego. San Diegans call it May Gray, not to be confused with the more severe June Gloom. Only in San Diego would less-than-perfect weather get an alliterate insult of a nickname.

But it is perfect weather for this news:

Billboard reports that a book of photos of Elliott Smith, taken by rock photog Autumn De Wilde, is tentatively set for a November release. De Wilde shot the cover of Elliott's last "living" album, "Figure 8." The book will also have handwritten lyrics and interviews with Smith's sister Ashley Welch and friends such as Ben Gibbard and Sam Coomes of Quasi and Smith's old band, Heatmiser.

The book will also include a five-song CD featuring live acoustic tracks recorded by Elliott at the Largo club in L.A., including "Angeles," "Between the Bars," and "Clementine."

Meanwhile, the fantastic collection of unreleased Elliott songs , "New Moon," came outlast week. While off par with a proper Elliott album, the double-disc is far from a cash-in or an offering to he die-hards only. It reinforces how brilliant he and the songs that made it onto "Either/Or" and "Elliott Smith" were.

Elliott Smith — Fear City (From "New Moon") (MP3)

And, as always, Elliott, Jesus Christ we miss you.

UPDATE: Spin.com has a brief interview with De Wilde about how the book project came together. Go to it here.

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