Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Street Scene logo contest

Street Scene sent out this Myspace bulletin, which I am now merely cutting and pasting because it's hot out and I'm fleeing the mini-oven that is Baby Heisman H.Q. (aka the sun-scorched spare bedroom of my apartment). It's a pretty boss prize for the winner.

We want to make sure everyone knows about the Logo Contest we've got going on. Street Scene needs a new logo for the 2007 fest, and we are looking to YOU for the design.

The winning logo designer will receive a lifetime pass for 2 to Street Scene, so let us see what you've got with the slick graphic skills.


send an email with the subject: LOGO CONTEST ENTRY

IN THE TEXT of the email include:
- your name
- myspace URL
- email address
- LINK to your logo design image
(you can link to it on any image sharing site--examples: photobucket, flickr, and even your myspace photos)

** bonus points for letting us know how many years you've been to Street Scene **

send logo contest entries to: contest@street-scene.com

DEADLINE is May 17, 2007 @ 11:59 pm.


For a place to start, here's the current "logo" on the Web page of LiveNation, which is co-producing the show. Probably could use a little touch-up:

For those outside of San Diego, Street Scene is San Diego's big annual weekend alt-rock fest (This year it's Sept. 22 and 23). The stages used to be set up in the streets of downtown, with the streets cut off to traffic. It got pushed out, though, and had spent the past couple of years in the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot (If you're planning to enter, best NOT to make any "Parking Lot Scene" references). This year, it will move to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which still has no streets but it better than the asphalt jungle of the Q.

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