Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching up

Baby Heisman HQ is getting pretty cluttered, and the to-do list for the week just kicked onto a second page, so no new posts until Monday, unless something buck silly happens.

Besides, there's been a lot of longer posts over the past week, so while the Baby Heisman gets caught up, catch up on the Baby Heisman:

An interview with the mastermind of the Hollywood Bowl's concerts that have paired the likes of Air, Belle & Sebastian and The Decemberists with the L.A. Philharmonic

Portland act YACHT screwing with a hometown interviewer in an article that is still hilarious on the third read.

Recaps of great shows last weekend from S.D. bands Vinyl Radio and The Modlins

An interview with S.D. band The Prayers about their current tour in the U.K., risking the cash to go, and their "deathly serious" plans for the band

The latest edition of "My City Is a Sucker," calling out Girl Talk to come play here for once.

Plus news about The National, The Arcade Fire, Pink Martini, and Elliott Smith

That also doesn't mean there's a lack of stuff going in during the next few days. In fact, there's a sure-fire pick most nights:
Thursday: (Bad-ass) music trivia night at the Ken Club. More info here.
Friday: Patrick Wolf at the Beauty Bar. ... Patrick Wolf — The Magic Position (MP3) (Highly Recommended)
Saturday: House party with Grand Ole Party and The Muslims (and costumes). More info here.

See you Monday.

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