Thursday, May 17, 2007

My City's a Sucker: Girl Talk

It's been almost a year since mash-up king Girl Talk (Real name: Greg Gillis, which somehow makes him even cooler) absolutely blew up, and he still hasn't brought his reportedly phenomenal freak out dance party of a live show to San Diego. And no, of course Coachella doesn't count.

The guy gets cut a little slack because he was still working a day job, getting shows in on vacations and weekends. But he's announced he's quitting to focus on Girl Talk, so that's no longer and excuse.

But his S.D. streak could be safe well into fall, with Girl Talk announcing overseas and U.S. dates through the end of September. But there's big gaps in the schedule that provide some hope: Almost 10 days between the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle (a city he's already played) and the Virgin Festival in Baltimore, then 20 days between a show with Clipse (!) in Portland (another city he's already played) in early September and a show with Dan Deacon in L.A. on Sept. 28.

If Street Scene actually happens Sept. 22-23, which still appears to be anyone's guess, the timing wouldn't be perfect, but certainly doable. Although, how amazing would it be to get him into the Casbah (or the Beauty Bar, because beggars can't be choosers)?

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