Monday, May 7, 2007

Not the best choice of lyrics

A few years back, the Dandy Warhols song "Bohemian Like You" was used in a Pontiac car commercial. With it's rather Rolling Stones-ey guitar riff and "Whoo! Ooh, ooh, ooh!" chorus, it was a surefire fit for a group of youngsters cruising around and singing along on a sunny day. It even had the perfect opening line: "You've got a great car." Only problem was the second line: "Well, what's wrong with it today." It's kind of a sarcastic song.

So when that second line hits, the kids in the car just mumble the words and laugh, like they don't know the lyrics to that part. Slick move.

Yesterday during hoops, on came another of the Chevy commercials with all the stars singing along. I think the first one, with them singing the "Buy you a Chevrolet," was a Super Bowl ad. This new spot also starts with Mary J. Blige, but this time she sings the opening line to "American Pie." I'm instantly thinking, "hmmm, this will be interesting in about three lines."

There's a levee. It's dry. There's whiskey. Then there's rye. And then, instead of it being "the day that I die," they just skip over it, "singing Bye bye, this American Pie."

Probably the best choice.

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The Architect said...

I've seen the ad, but never really paid attention... Did they change it from Miss American Pie to "This" American Pie too?