Friday, May 4, 2007

Just when I hoped MIMS-Watch was over...

... AllHipHop reports that a popular German rapper has sued the NYC MC over the silhouette that makes the "I" in the MIMS logo, saying it's exactly like his. Certainly seems he has a case, and German retailers seemed to agree, halting sales of "Music Is My Savior" in the country until the legal junk can get sorted out. (Insert "This is Why I'm Hot" joke here). But he's also tweaked the "I." The new, the old and the German versions below.

And here I thought there was no snitching in hip-hop.

The German rapper is named Bushido, and the album is called "Deutschland Gib Mir Ein Mic," which sounds pretty street even in German. But does anyone see some similarities between its cover and another rap album cover?

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