Friday, May 4, 2007

Cashing In: (San Diego's own) The Stereotypes

Local alt-country standouts The Stereotypes are the musical inspiration for a new TV ad campaign for Coleman — and it's a full-on blitz.

The track "Outside" from their Heisman-recommended 2004 EP "2" is featured in TV commercials that are starting to run on ESPN, MTV HGTV and other channels, with the song's second line, "let's go outside," as the tagline for the ads. The song even plays automatically on the Coleman Webpage, where there are links to download the track as an MP3 or a cell phone ringtone.

Stereotypes guitarist Mike Kamoo told Baby Heisman that ending up in the ads was pure luck.

"From what I understand, the music supervisor from Coleman's ad agency heard the song on a friends iPod. We were contacted nearly two years ago," he said, adding that he didn't think there was a specific San Diego connection.

Kamoo said the licensing money will go completely to the band. "We will also be payed royalties from performing-rights agencies once the commercials air, but again, not sure what to expect there. I've never received a royalty check for a TV commercial before."

He said the band also isn't sure how they'll use the money. The Stereotypes just put out a new album, "4," and they aren't planning any tours. But Kamoo said the band is finishing a video for the song and if the ad campaign goes well they could renew the deal.

"This is a great opportunity for the band, but I really can't say we're 'cashing in' just yet," he said.

The Stereotypes on Myspace

Coleman page with the ads and the song

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Rosemary said...

I read that they're in the process of translating the song and doing it in Spanish, too. Kamoo is a legend.