Friday, May 4, 2007

My City's NOT a Sucker: The FM 94.9 Indie Jam

I'm a little behind in writing about this — the Indie Jam lineup was announced earlier this week — but I've only found a few minutes here and there to post over the past couple of days.

The main lineup itself isn't overwhelming. Two of the main bands, Interpol and Spoon, toured like hell last year, stopping in San Diego multiple times (and kudos to them for doing so), but both bands will likely play stuff from their upcoming albums, so that's a draw. The other bands are Kings of Leon, Living Things, the Aggrolites and Test Your Reflex. The gold standard is still the fest's first year, with Secret Machines, a just-about-to-break Death Cab, the first S.D. Franz Ferdinand set, Muse and a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show so bonkers that half the crowd left (we stayed).

The good news is this year there will be a sidestage for local bands (bands TBA). It's co-sponsored by the Casbah, which is also selling the tickets, so no Ticketmaster fees.
At past indie jams, everyone just stands around between sets. At this one, fans of the big bands are absolutely going to wander over and check out the S.D. stage BECAUSE IT'S THERE. San Diego's music scene is great for the City Beat/blog/music junkie set who are actively seeking out local bands. But there are so many other people who don't have the time, energy or interest to go looking for new bands, even though they would like to. This is a perfect way to bridge that gap. We need more tie-ins like these.

So big ups to everyone involved in putting this show together.

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