Friday, April 6, 2007

My City's a sucker: These two guys

These guys were spotted during the opening act at the Thermals show Thursday night, although spotted is not the right word. They were impossible to miss. I know the genus of annoying concertgoer exists across the world. Here are two of the San Diego species.

Guy in the ant T-shirt: Stop doing the robot. Stop doing your herky-jerky little shadowboxing dance routine. If you want to be the center of attention so bad, form your own band and get on stage.

And to his friend standing to the right of him there: Be a friend; shut him down.

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Natalie said...

Actually, you managed to capture 3 different annoying species of concert-goers in that first picture. The guy in the hat is Mr. "I take 500 pictures at a show and use flash for all of them." Now, I consider myself to be a photographer. I understand that not everyone has the right equipment to take photos without flash at a concert. But seriously, if the first 200 photos don't come out well, do you really have hope for the next 300? He was also at the Ted Leo show at the Epicenter, where I was specifically told not to use flash all up in Ted's face. Then what did this guy proceed to do?

Sorry, I don't think I know you and I just posted a ranting comment on your page. Faux pas? Anyway, I think I was standing right near you at the Thermals show. Here are my shots from that night: