Friday, April 6, 2007

Keytar sighting

As recently as two decades ago, the keytar flourished in the wild. But excessive poaching pushed the instrument to near-extinction. Nowadays, the most likely place to see a keytar is at a nature reserve or preservation society.

Due to their extremely migratory nature, it's hard to determine how many keytars are left in the wild. And when they are seen, they usually hide in the back; so there was excitement in the crowd last night at the Casbah when a keytar appeared front and center.

The keytar used to have no fear of man and would stay in plain view for hours. Now, they usually scurry away after a couple of minutes, like this one did.

The keytar came out for a song during Wet Confetti's opening set last night. Their bottled-up energy made for a good warm-up before the Thermals' complete unleashing of energy.

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Anonymous said...

i thought i saw a keytar once .... but it ran away before i could play a sweet riff to verify.