Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cashing In: Peter, Bjorn & John

In some of the least-surprising news of 2007...

The Peter, Bjorn & John whistle-fest "Young Folks" has shown up in an add for AT&T wireless (what you used to know as Cingular). The PB&J/AT&T mash-up leaves me wondering: did it really take this long for someone to pick up the super-catchy, seemingly made-for-licensing song, or had the band turned down/resisted previous offers?

Once more, with feeling: Peter, Bjorn and John — Young Folks (MP3)

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DC said...

No joke, I overheard that commercial five times at work yesterday. It's a cool song, but it won't be for long. It's almost as bad as Oasis' whiny "gotta spread the word" tagline for AT&T.