Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If you don't know, now you know

We're No. 2 ... We're No. 2.

Notorious B.I.G.'s posthumous greatest hits album was too much for the Arcade Fire, with Biggie beating "Neon Bible" by about 7,000 copies. Still, 92,000 friendly units shifted is pretty bad-ass.

Personal Arcade Fire love aside, I really thought they would top the charts. I knew Biggie would be the toughest competition — those songs haven't aged one minute, lost one degree of fire — but Biggie only had two albums. Shell out a little extra cash and you have the whole collection. Are there really that many B.I.G. complete-ists who need the new tracks that Puffy Frankenstein'd together with unused Biggie verses?

Nonetheless ... I like this young man.

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