Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rushmore Solo Album Club

Dirk, take dictation...

Jason Schwartzman unveiled his solo project, Coconut Records, earlier this month, and he's posted three songs from the upcoming album on his myspace page. It's the same kind of sunny SoCal pop from his Phantom Planet days, but even tighter and catchier, especially "West Coast."

His myspace page has been blowing up (36,000 hits and counting) since a message about Coconut went out to the Weezer faithful. Dave, a =W= die-hard, tipped me off and said Coconut Records' friends doubled in a day. They include: The Strokes, The Shins, Ratatat, Of Montreal, Phantom Planet, Weezer, Rooney, Phoenix, Kings of Leon...

Actor. Coppola nephew. Co-writer on the next Wes Anderson movie. Ex-drummer for the band whose song got picked to be the theme for "The O.C." Now solo artist -- and one certainly worth checking out.

Coconut Records on myspace (including recommended track "West Coast")

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