Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Morrissey, apparently, is not hard rock

A couple of months back, I wrote about how "hard rock" concerts at San Diego's Bayside outdoor concert venue were banned after residents across the bay in tony Coronado complained about the noise.

With the new rules, I've been interested to see who will be booked this summer for the large, beautiful stage. Everyone from Radiohead to Death Cab to Spoon played there last summer, so what counts as rock?

Apparently, Morrissey doesn't — and in this case, thank God (which, I know for some of you IS Morrissey). He has announced tour dates, including June 3 at Bayside. A warm dusk night seems like a perfect backdrop. He's kicking off the tour in ... Stockton? ... which certainly will mark the coolest day Stockton has ever had.

Link to newspaper story about limits put on Bayside concerts.

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DC said...

Yeah, I was surprised Moz made the Bayside cut, too. Maybe someone with the Port District is a huge Smiths fan and pulled some strings.