Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kite Flying Society @ House of Blues, 2/14/07

Kite Flying Society kicked out some "classics," showed off a couple of new songs and threw in a little Cure (only one cover?) in a crisp albeit short set at the House of Blues side stage last night.

The new songs sounded much more like straightforward rock, maybe even a twinge of alt-country somewhere in there. They lacked the sonic sound of older tracks, but some of their most popular songs sound that way live. It could just mean the new stuff isn't completely fleshed out yet. Hopefully it means the band isn't planning just to make a sequel to their first record.

We were hoping for more covers, but all we got was a Valentine's version of The Cure's "In Between Days." It was a fun pick but didn't have that completely out of left field surprise of covers from other shows.

All in all, it was a pretty basic KFS set, but even a basic KFS set is a lovely night of music. The band returns next Wednesday with Oh No! Oh My! from Austin. Go check it out. If you do, give yourself an extra 20 minutes, the average wait to get a drink at the HoB bar.

Random story from the show: My fiancee, Erin, and I were sitting at a table along the side wall. During the first song, a guy at the next table leans over to Erin and asks/yells into her ear: "Are you into Dave Matthews tribute bands?" Erin says "no" in a way that's not condescending, not insulting, but still assertively deflating (example No. 2,000 of why I love her). But the guy is not deterred. He pulls out a stack of about 20 tickets and is showing off the dates on them. Erin says we'll be out of town then, which thankfully shut him down.

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Dustin said...

Dustin here - we had to cut our covers because they put us on so late and poor old GOP was waiting so patiently to go on.

The new songs are more folk-pop on the recorded versions..just hard to replicate that live sometimes. Thanks for the write up!