Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Elliott Smith rarities to be released

There hasn't been much good news for Elliott Smith fans since his posthumous "From a Basement on a Hill" was released and made us tear up all over again. Hasn't been much to do besides marking birthdays and anniversaries of his untimely death.

So what a fantastic day — Valentine's Day — for Smith's former label to announce it will release a two-disc album of Smith rarities. Kill Rock Stars, the Olympia, Wash., label that put out two of the beloved Portland songwriter's best albums ("Elliott Smith" and the "Good Will Hunting" soundtracked "Either/Or"), says the album will be out May 8.

Pitchfork has the news this morning and is calling it an exclusive, which seemed odd considering Elliott's deep fan base and the fact that the story quotes a press release. I went over to Sweet Adeline, the fan site that has served as Elliott's official site since a couple years before his death, and found this:

"we are so happy to help announce the release of the upcoming double cd of elliott's music, new moon :) elliott's family and kill rock stars were nice enough to send us the press release about the upcoming record and a previously unreleased photo of elliott to share."

Great scoop, Pitchfork. Stick to the Arcade Fire concert photos.

Sweet Adeline has the track list for both albums and the new photo. Hard-core Elliott fans will recognize some of the tracks from the Basement II Demos bootleg that came out a couple of years back or from live bootlegs.

Elliott, Jesus we miss you.

Sweet Adeline announcement

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