Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Feist track

The first leak from the upcoming Leslie Feist album.
The song is more electro than I expected, but it's just so good to hear that voice again.

Feist — My Moon, My Man (MP3)

"The Reminder" comes out May 1.

If you're not familiar with Feist, she's one of the most enticing voices and lyricists in music right now. Her last album, "Let It Die," wasn't huge outside of the indie/blog world, but it deserves to be.

Part of the point of Baby Heisman is that I'm not going to gush just to fill space or give everyone their due. So if you haven't heard her before, head to her Myspace page. I said it in a past post, but "Mushaboom" is one of the best songs of the past five years.

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The Architect said...

I like it, it works well with her voice, I hope the whole album is this strong.