Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The other album released today

New Shins out today, along with new albums from Of Montreal, Deerhoof (I've never been able to get into Deerhoof; please don't revoke my blogger license) and PDXers Menomena. But I'm most excited to check out this guy from Chicago named David Vandervelde.

Straight-up rock might be the easiest music to get wrong. The line of talent separating Jet from the White Stripes is probably thinner than we'd like to admit. Vandervelde's first songs walk that line extremely well, seeming a bit like the Black Crowes, maybe a little Bowie, maybe even a little ... Jet. He's been getting some blog buzz but people aren't flipping for him, which is all the better for letting him grow on his own terms. A track from the album...

David Vandervelde - Jacket (MP3)

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