Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cashing in: Wolf Parade

Are any indie kids watching the Sci-Fi Channel? If we are or, like me, happen to catch a commercial for Sci-Fi on another channel, we can hear a snippet of Wolf Parade's "It's a Curse" in the promo of the upcoming series "The Dresden Files." The show looks like "CSI" meets "Medium," although I'm basing that entirely on commercials, as I don't watch any of those shows.

Gotta love the character stereotypes. Dangerous but gifted leading man; tough but feminine female lead; older veteran who hates the leading man's rogue ways; black dude.

But if you haven't pulled out the Wolf Parade album in a while, or never bought it to begin with, DO IT. I picked it up again a couple of months ago and it sounds just as good post-hype.

Wolf Parade — It's a Curse (MP3)

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