Sunday, July 1, 2007

Offseason report: New Kite Flying Society MP3 on Baby Heisman

Kite Flying Society was one of the first San Diego bands I got into when I moved here, and they have been really nice to this blog. Dustin, the frontman, did an interview for the blog's debut, and he responds to my e-mails asking how the recording of the second album is going.

The band is keeping up the kindness by releasing an MP3 from their upcoming album, "The Aviary," to Baby Heisman and You Ain't No Picasso, a blog out of Kentucky that got hooked on Kite Flying's first album, "Where Is the Glow."

"Oh Amy!" is a tight, catchy pop song with standout harmonies. It has the same lazy-summer-day feeling and nautical references that made "Where is the Glow" so much fun, but it's also a step forward, fuller and more layered than their debut.

Kite Flying Society -- "Oh Amy!" (MP3)

Dustin says the band has been taking its time recording the album, no quick, throwaway takes, which is why the release of "The Aviary" keeps getting pushed back (September is the newest target). Another reason is the band is getting ready to play the Athens Popfest in Athena, Ga. They're playing the Whistlestop here in S.D. in two weeks, on the 13th, where a number of "Aviary" tracks are sure to be road tested.

If you haven't checked out "Where Is the Glow," even casual indie pop fans (and who isn't these days?) should give it a listen. Kite Flying Society isn't just a great San Diego band; they're a great band period.

Here's two "Where Is the Glow" tracks:

Kite Flying Society — "6000 Shipwrecks" (MP3)
Kite Flying Society — "Submarine Music" (MP3)


Baby Heisman interview with Dustin of Kite Flying Society

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