Monday, May 14, 2007

New National album streaming NOW


With a week and a day until the release of the most anticipated album of the spring season, The National is streaming its new album, The Boxer, on it's Myspace page. This is another one that I've avoided so I can hear it all at once when it comes out, just to bottle up the magic, but if you just can't wait, go to...

Stream "The Boxer" on The National's Myspace

San Diegans got a taste of the songs during the band's last stop, and they're certainly going to get more when they play The Casbah June 25, which is going to be an absolute don't-miss show.

Abel, come on? Oh, he's comin'.

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Natalie said...

Yeah, you have more patience than I do. Been listening to it for the last month or so...and "Start a War" still gives me shivers.

Although this was definitely one of those albums that I was scared to listen to. Alligator was just that good.