Monday, May 21, 2007

Coconut Records CD for presale

The debut disc from actor/ex-Phantom Planeteer Jason Schwartzman's new project, Coconut Records, is available for presale on the Coconut Records Web site. The album has been available for download only on all the usual sites, but he is also doing a limited run of CDs.

Schwartzman says pre-orders should ship around the 6th, that the album will only be sold through the site and that each one comes with a "one of a kind item from Jason," which sounds kinda creepy.

The album, "Nighttiming," includes the melodic, melancholy song "West Coast." Both the single and its video -- actually an old video of a skateboarder taking over a museum -- are highly recommended.

Coconut Records site

Stream "West Coast"

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