Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Not about music, but...

...but this is so weird that I'm compelled to point it out.

The New York Times has a story about the mass worldwide popularity of Wrestlemania (I'm tired of hearing people treat the whole Donald Trump hair thing like a real news story, too, but 80,000 people went to it ... it is Wrestlemainia, hear it roar/in numbers too big to ignore.)

Late in the story, as the reporter wrote about the people he talked to in the stands, came these paragraphs:

...The big night is finally here. An hour before doors open, thousands crowd the stadium loading dock, hoping for a glimpse of the stars. Inside, the physical production puts even the biggest rock concerts to shame. A stage and proscenium the height of a small office tower loom over the west end of the stadium, feeding a runway to the ring in the center of the floor.

Randall Godfrey, 33, middle linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, is sitting just a few rows from the ring. “Wrestling is definitely more punishing than playing football,” he says. “I mean, we wear pads. They don’t. Football is hard, but it can’t compare to the physical punishment these guys take in the ring.”...

Weird for so very many reasons. I guess we know how he's spending HIS offseason.

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The Architect said...

Look at the bright side, He could be pushin' the 'Tussin to texas