Monday, April 23, 2007

Arcade Fire Mystery Date

With the Arcade Fire's San Diego show only a few days away, one question remains:

Who will open the show?

People I've talked to at the label and the venue think that SOMEBODY will be opening, but the band hasn't said whom yet.

The show is kind of a one-off, as it's the first gig since they got back from Europe and is the only show before they head to Coachella for the weekend. After that, it's into a full-on U.S. tour with regular opening acts.

So I'm posing this conspiracy theory: It's going to be Of Montreal. They are playing Coachella on Friday, they aren't playing beforehand, they're not too big as to overshadow Arcade Fire in the opening slot, and they're avant garde enough to make a good pairing.

Or, at least, it should be Of Montreal. Either way, let's just be glad that Win's voice got better so that the show actually can go on.

Arcade Fire — Antichrist Television Blues (MP3)
Of Montreal — Suffer for Fashion (MP3)

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