Monday, March 19, 2007

My City's NOT a Sucker: A nice moment on the radio

Popped out on a quick errand earlier tonight and left the iPod at home. On the way back, 94.9 played "North American Scum" off the new LCD Soundsystem album and "Rehab" by bourbon-throated British singer Amy Winehouse back to back.

I'm not even a fan of that LCD Soundsystem track, but it was so nice to hear two songs in a row that hardly get played on the radio, even if it was just part of their new-music programing.

LCD Soundsystem — North American Scum (MP3)
Amy Winehouse — Rehab (MP3)

We might be hearing Amy Winehouse's name a lot this year. She's already big in the U.K., was recently on Letterman and is down at SXSW, too.

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catdirt said...

is it too late to make amy winehouse not happen? maybe if i close my eyes she'll go away... she makes me nostalgic for lily allen.