Monday, March 19, 2007

MIMS Watch 2007

Besides being the biggest song in the nation right now, "This Is Why I'm Hot" by MIMS continues to follow me everywhere I go. I'd be flipping channels and there would be the video on BET or MTV or MTV2. I'd pop out real quick without my iPod and it would be on the radio (Yeah, Z90 is preset on my car radio; what of it?).

I briefly mentioned its wretchedness before. It hits the peak and plants the flag when the beat starts sampling Dre and Kanye, then kicks in with those Casio-keyboard drums. The song is really up there with "Barbie Girl" and last year's "Laffy Taffy," but the dude takes himself so seriously, flexing the phony made-for-TV posturing that's absolutely killing hip-hop right now.

The song pounded its way into my life three times this weekend. I heard it in the car. One of the openers at the Clipse show busted into a few lines of it. Then it was used over clips of the weekend's college hoops highlights on Headline News.

When will it end? Not likely soon.

Which is worse? Decide if you dare, and leave your vote in the comments.
D4L's Myspace page with "Laffy Taffy"
MIMS' Myspace with "This is Why I'm Hot"


Rosemary said...

That song is so annoying, and most annoying on those ringtone commercials on MTV. There was a guy of Def Comedy Jam last week named Saddi Kali who did a mock rap called Goin Platinum in 2 Days. I'm trying to find it online, but check it out if you have HBO on demand. It really hits the points you make about bad rap.

catdirt said...

i don't have a problem with "this is why i'm hot" because, basically, the beat is aight with me. laffy taffy is hella annoying.