Friday, March 30, 2007

An excuse to post one of my favorite songs of last year

The indie juggernaut that is TV on the Radio rolls into town this weekend for a show at the Belly Up that sold out with the speed usually reserved for bands like Radiohead or the Arcade Fire.

(They look about as natural and relaxed in this photo as a cheetah in a zoo, don't'cha think?)

The band's "Return to Cookie Mountain" topped tons of best-of lists last year. I tried three separate times to get into the album with no luck (that's just me). But, like just about everyone else, I fell in love with the track "Wolf Like Me."

If you missed this song the first time around, check it out. You probably won't find it on many other blogs, because posting about TV on the Radio is SOOOOOOO 2006.

TV on the Radio — Wolf Like Me (STILL highly rec.) (MP3)

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