Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The other album out today

Today's big release was the new Bloc Party album, and I'm excited as all get out about it, but I'm equally excited about the new Peter, Bjorn and John album finally out in the U.S. today. The single "Young Folks" was a blogland staple last year, and rightly so. But the whole album has a slow, dry cool to it. It's a great Sunday afternoon record and highly recommended.

They also just wrapped up a mini U.S. invasion, selling out secret shows in NYC, playing Conan, and playing a sold-out L.A. gig back on the first.

Them's be blowin' up, so big, even Chanel has noticed. If you aren't down with Ratatat (and I'm not), skip to 1:53. Chanel show.

Finally, I was in Crush last weekend and they were playing "Young Folks." It is a fantastic song, but it's certainly not anchoring a weak album.

Peter Bjorn and John — Paris 2004 (MP3)
Peter Bjorn and John — Young Folks (MP3) (Highly Rec.)

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