Friday, February 2, 2007

Cashing in: Teddybears (again and again and again)

Maybe that should be a briefcase of money in his hand, not a synth.

People talk all the time about bands going "commercial," but has any album been used to sell more products than Teddybears' "Soft Machine"? The most high-profile instance is the Cadillac commercial that uses "Punkrocker," which features Iggy Pop on vocals. While Iggy in a Caddy is the most absurd use, Teddybears music has also been put in ads for Tab energy drinks, Virgin Mobile, WWE wrestling ... these guys are the real-life version of Will Lightman in "About a Boy," kicking back and living off their royalty checks.

Their latest "appearance" is in the "Epic Movie" trailer. "Cobrastyle," the same song used to sell Tab, plays in some clips.

The album generated a lot of buzz before its release last year as songs and photos of dudes in giant bear heads leaked. Six months later, "Punkrocker" is still great, but it's clear why the album works so well for jingles: the songs are catchy at first but get annoying really quick.

Teddybears (feat. Iggy Pop) — Punkrocker (MP3)
Teddybears (feat. Mad Cobra) — Cobrastyle (MP3)
The Onion AV Club did a great review of "Epic Movie."

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