Monday, February 12, 2007

My city's NOT a sucker: Arcade Fire

Oh Holy Night...

The Arcade Fire are coming. Not only are they coming to San Diego, not only are they coming to S.D. two days before Coachella as a warm-up gig, not only is it their first stop after their European swing, they're coming to Spreckles.

The date is April 26, a Thursday. No opener or ticket sale date announced yet.

In a city that bands frequently skip, the Arcade Fire are choosing to play here instead of taking a couple of extra days off between the European leg and heading out to the desert, for a festival, no less, to start the U.S. leg.

That's not just luck; that's providence. Damn.

You may have heard that the band has been playing acoustic sets in the theater lobbies at the end of their recent shows, so DON'T leave when the lights come up.

I rarely gush, but, trust me, this is gushable.

Meanwhile, the band's creepy Website keeps getting creepier. Follow the link and then click on "guns" to watch them take on the Clash's "Guns of Brixton." Like most Arcade Fire covers, it sounds so completely unlike the original that it takes a second to get used to, then it jams.

creepy Neon Bible page

A reminder that the countdown to the "Neon Bible" release date, a.k.a. Judgment Day, continues on the right side of the blog.

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CH said...

Didn't the Arcade Fire play the Casbah last time they were in town (Jan '05)? If so, what a venue size jump!

Wow, I've finally signed up for Blogger comments. Look what you've done.