Wednesday, February 14, 2007

About Baby Heisman

About Baby Heisman:

Newspapers and magazines are great for people with a general interest in popular music, and MP3 blogs give fanatics their fix. But what about everyone in between who want more than what's in the mainstream but are daunted by the daily avalanche of new music on most blogs?

That's where Baby Heisman comes in — a music site that fills the gap by combining the best of both worlds. Baby Heisman isn't "Independent Music for Dummies," filled with background to appeal to ages 9-99, but it also won't give you any hipster guff and talk to you like you should already know about a certain band.

Think of Baby Heisman as a music blog with a news filter. Because there are recurring features, there isn't pressure to post a bunch of new songs just to post something. The songs posted here come with the highest recommendation; you probably won't like all of it, but all of it is worth checking out.

Recurring features on Baby Heisman:

My City's a Sucker: Live in San Diego for five minutes and you'll hear someone complain about the music scene while someone else gets hometown defensive about it. I've found few people who truly are trying to trumpet it and improve it.
There are promising local bands, but when the short list of national successes is topped by Blink 182, P.O.D., Louis XIV and Pinback, something's not right. Let's figure out what that is and do something about it.
We have amazing clubs, but bands big and small skip San Diego when they're on tour. Let's put pressure on those bands by calling them out.
My city's a sucker if we can't put hometown allegiances aside and actively work to make the San Diego music scene better.

Cashing in: Keeping track of where indie music shows up on TV, in movies and elsewhere. Indie music is in the mainstream more than ever, especially in commercials, and licensing songs has become the new battleground for the age old question of making money to survive versus selling out.

Appreciation Day: Profiling influential artists and suggesting tracks or albums for getting into their sometimes daunting catalogs.

Features: Interviews, stories and other bigger packages.

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