Thursday, January 11, 2007

My City's a Sucker: Kite Flying Society

Today's installment:

Kite Flying Society, the only worthwhile San Diego band, (someone PLEASE prove me wrong) are doing something of an "artist in residency," playing the House of Blues side stage every Wednesday night in February. HOB has all the dates, but the KFS myspace just has the show on the 28th.

In other KFS news, the band is already working on the follow-up to its debut, "Where is the Glow," one of the best indie pop albums of the year, let alone one of the best local debut albums. Looks like some of the new tracks will get a test run during the shows.

While so many San Diego bands sound, at best, like a promising local band, Kite Flying sounds like a promising band period. When I first heard them, it reminded me of when I heard Death Cab's first album.

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