Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Sasquatch showdown, just for fun

A festival named Sasquatch was a fitting place to see a mythological musical rarity: the double-neck guitar.

Both The Hold Steady's Tad Kubler and Viva Voce's Anita Robinson rocked a "guitar that's, like, two guitars," as Otto from the Simpsons so aptly put it, and it sparked a debate in our group over who rocked the double-neck the hardest.

Like the recent Oscar de la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, this bout would go the distance and be decided on the cards. The Hold Steady was on the mainstage and Viva Voce was on one of the sidestages, so Anita was fighting in a higher weight class. But this is a woman who proudly, melodically declares "we do not fuck around." So that's a draw.

Tad had on a Mastodon band T-shirt, which is a solid musical reference, but it looked no better or worse than the hundreds of band T-shirts worn over the weekend. Anita rocked a cowboy hat with style, something many concert-goers tried and failed to do. Point for Viva Voce.

But the double-neck guitar is all about rock 'n' roll excess, and Tad took that to new heights by having one neck be a 12-string, while both of Antia's were standard 6-strings.

Advantage Hold Steady, by a 4-3 judges' decision.


OpeningBand said...

Anita's is actually a combo.
Regular guitar on bottom,
Baritone guitar on top.

The Architect said...

Now you just need to find the elusive double necked keytar

Natalie said...

i can't wait til friday. it's going to be a massive night...