Thursday, May 10, 2007

FM 94.9 Indie Jam Local Stage acts announced

While I caught up on sleep after some 8 a.m. jackhammering of the sidewalk (If you ever need concrete work done, DON'T go with C.H. Westgate Inc. Concrete), FM 94.9 sent an e-mail to its "insiders" announcing the lineup for the Indie Jam's local stage. The line-up is filled with local mainstays, but that's the thing about San Diego: they'll still be completely unknown to most of the people at the show. The acts are:

Grand Ole Party
Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects
The Softlightes
Scarlet Symphony

And in case you forgot, the mainstage acts are:
Kings of Leon
Living Things
Test Your Reflex

Fee-less tickets go on sale Saturday, but "insiders" can buy them now through a presale (If you're not, the password is in an Oasis song title; happy hunting!)

If you're going to the show (I'm not) swing by between mainstage sets and check out a local band (links below). No guarantee that you'll be blown away, but, seriously, you're there for music, not to stand in line for 15 minutes to buy an $8 cup of lite beer.

Grand Ole Party on Myspace (Recommended)
Mr. Tube on Myspace
Transfer on Myspace
The Softlightes on Myspace
Scarlet Symphony on Myspace

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