Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Baby Heisman New MP3 Roundup

Today: M.I.A., Interpol, Bjork, and The White Stripes.
Tomorrow: Elliott Smith, Jarvis Cocker and Lil' Wayne

M.I.A. — "Kala"
Who knows when this damn thing is coming out. Rolling Stone says one thing, then Billboard says another. Looks like either early summer or late summer. Or 2008. Last week a radio rip of a new M.I.A. track, supposedly off the new album, started making the rounds. It sounds an awful lot like the other big track to leak off of "Kala," "Bird Flu." Even though "Bird Flu" is on her Myspace page and the video is on her Web page, I'm posting both tracks as a public service to epileptics. Her Web pages are crazy freaky with the flashing lights.

M.I.A. — Boyz (Radio Rip) (MP3)
M.I.A. — Bird Flu (MP3)

Interpol — Our Love to Admire
This is a radio rip of the first single, "Heinrich Maneuver." The official version is out next week, which must be terrible news for the Detroit Pistons. Knowing that Interpol is a fan of his, Kirk Heinrich of the Chicago Bulls is totally going to go off in their series. I don't think E-40 rhyming "fat wallets" with "Rasheed Wallace" will be enough to counteract the effect.

Interpol — Heinrich Maneuver (Radio Rip) (MP3)

Bjork — Volta
Always been a Bjork fan, but never a devotee. Listening to the upcoming album, I feel about the same. Good stuff, but I'm not blown away. However, the silencer gunshot in the beat of this track is a really hot touch. Also, the Webcast of her Coachella set has me extremely excited to see her over Memorial Day.

Bjork — Innocence (MP3)

The White Stripes — Icky Thump
A great radio rip of the title track, with a British DJ going "Heavy, heavy" like he's Mike Skinner of The Streets, went everywhere last week and disappeared just as thoroughly. But with the single officially out on iTunes, it took about 24 hours for it to reappear everywhere again.

I've been listening to this thing for two weeks and still don't quite know what to think. I've liked each White Stripes album a little less after De Stijl as they've gotten progressively cutsier (that isn't code for more popular, by the way). By the time we got to "My Doorbell," I figured I was pretty much done with them. Then came the blazing opening riffs of this song and some good 'ol, fast-spitting Jack White lyrics; he even gets creatively political. Then that faux-bagpipe thing kicks in and, like I said, I don't know what to think. But I'm still listening to it, so that says something.

The White Strips — Icky Thump (MP3)

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