Tuesday, April 3, 2007

TV on the Radio recap

Baby Heisman reader Emily went to Sunday night's TV on the Radio show and survived a poor choice in footwear (Emily, flip-flops are never a good idea, especially at a sold-out-to-the-rafters show) to report back with the details...

"I saw TotR last year at the Casbah and fell in love with the band. I was hoping for a similar experience at the Belly Up. I got it — maybe a little too similar. I can’t tell you that it was the same exact set that was played last year, but there were definite similarities. Examples: In the middle of the show the lead singer, Tunde Adenimpe, threw water on the audience (thankfully, as it was incredibly hot), and during the encore they invited the opening band on stage for a song.

"I cannot fault TV on the Radio, however. They put on an amazing show. And, really, why fix what isn’t broken. The vibe that the band gives off is amazing, and the crowd feeds off of it. They really love what they do, and you would be pretty hard up to find a group with more stage presence. Tunde flails and dances across the stage through the entire set. His bandmates get out of his way when he’s busting a move. There are some moments when you half expect someone in the audience to yell, “Hallelujah!” and faint.

There was an announcement before the band came on that no photography of any kind was allowed during the performance. I thought that this was an April fool’s joke. Tunde, just last year, broke out his own digital camera at the Casbah to take pictures of the audience to send back to his mother in order to prove “he did work.” Though those of us who defied this rule were not scolded, it was a very serious request."

Emily says that, between being packed in and trying to hide the camera just in case, she didn't get any good photos. Here's a shot of the set list, courtesy of S.D. Dialed In (Kensington stand up!)

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