Monday, April 30, 2007

Secret Apollo, Kite Flying Society and Swim Party @ The Ken Club, 4-28-07

Secret Apollo, Kite Flying Society and Swim Party (all S.D. bands) certainly don't sound alike, but they complemented each other perfectly Saturday night to make for a great overall concert.

Secret Apollo kicked out a fun set of their keep-it-under-two-minutes pop songs and enticed the crowd with a tub of Red Vines, free for the taking. (Note to other bands: Candy and booze go surprisingly well together.)

I hadn't seen Swim Party in a while and had forgot how tight and heavy they are (much more than my photo suggests).

Claps and cheers cajoled them into an encore, where they played Yo La Tengo's "Sugarcube," a great cover choice.

The video for Sugarcube, in which the band's label sends them to rock school, is one of the funniest videos out there. David Cross wears a hot pink wig.

But the highlight of the night was Kite Flying Society, which played six songs from their upcoming second album, which frontman Dustin Illingworth said will be called "The Aviary." Just a couple of months ago, their new material still sounded raw; Saturday night, even though the songs were live and unknown, the nuances came through on tracks like "The Balloon Peddler" and "Hollow Bones." An exciting follow-up to their debut album is obviously taking shape.

People in and out of San Diego: Don't sleep on Kite Flying Society. If you're into indie pop at all, check out their first album, "Where Is the Glow?" If you're nearby, check them out a week from today, May 7, when they play the Casbah. With a combination of talent and downright fun, they deserve a wider audience.

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