Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The other album out today

There's another album out today?

Actually, there's something out today for just about everyone.

* RJD2 and !!! for fans of electro/dance-punk or bands with names that aren't words
* Air for fans of ambient pop or just setting the mood for a "weekend in"
* For fans of rock curiosities, the first solo disc from Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. and a new album from The Stooges
* Even a Notorious B.I.G. greatest hits album, continuing the inexcusable strip mining of a dead legend's career.

But one of today's releases caught me by surprise: the new Son Volt record. For those who don't know, after 90s alt-country pioneers Uncle Tupelo crumbled, Jay Farrar formed Son Volt and Jeff Tweedy formed Wilco.

While Wilco took a crow bar and busted through the boundaries of alt-country, Farrar has pushed the boundaries to see how far they'll bend. "The Search," is compelling BECAUSE it's pure alt-country. In a world of surround sound home theaters and iPod stereos, "The Search" feels like it should be coming out of a single radio speaker, maybe down in the cellar while we wait out the storm.

Son Volt plays the Belly Up on April 4.

Stream tracks from "The Search" here


Erica said...

a great editor like youself would know that you misspelled Jay Farrar's last name.

for shame, j.lang. for shame.

The Baby Heisman said...

What can I say, even a good editor needs a good editor. I looked at that 10 times and didn't notice I misspelled it. Great catch. Thanks.