Monday, March 19, 2007

Modest Mouse coming to San Diego

A photo from rougher days, for nostalgia's sake.

Modest Mouse has been real solid when it comes to playing San Diego, and they're keeping it up with a stop toward the end of their spring tour.

They'll be at Cox Arena on May 14, a Monday, which is happy news at Heisman HQ (OK, my apartment's spare bedroom, but Heisman HQ sounds cool). The last time I saw Modest Mouse was right before "Good News..." came out and they went from indie-level veterans to the face of indie. It was a sold out (seemingly oversold) show at the all-ages hell hole that is SOMA.

A floor that feels longer than it is wide, killing sight lines. A steady stream of 14-year-olds trying to push to the front when there wasn't a millimeter to give, as though they had a right to do it. Issac Brock fighting a losing battle with the lighting operator to turn down the spotlights so he could see the crowd -- then fighting a losing battle with the crowd in a rant about voting. It was a perfectly SOMA-rific night.

No disrespect to the underage music fans. I pulled out my hair over all the bands I couldn't see when I was in high school. I'm just saying, I don't see that many 30-year-olds trying to push to the front.

The new Modest Mouse album is out tomorrow, or you can go to the Whistlestop listening party in South Park tonight and buy it at M Theory behind the bad at midnight.

Modest Mouse -- Florida (MP3) (From the forthcoming "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank")

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