Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello newbies

Hello new readers who found out about my blog from CityBeat. Let me show you around.

Over on the right is an "about" link that tells you what this site is (and isn't) all about. One of the main goals is to fill the gap between mainstream music coverage and the unfiltered avalanche of new music coming out from blogs each day. One of the main ways to avoid just posting new MP3s myself are the Baby Heisman sections and recurring features. There's links to all of those on the right, too.

There's also a link to the Baby Heisman myspace page. There isn't much there, but I will send out myspace bulletins when there are new original stories and features beyond the daily posts (and there are already a couple planned for next month), so send a friend request to get set up for those
Other than that, I just hope you enjoy. The MP3s are up for only a short time and are for sampling only so you can decide whether to BUY an album. And post comments. Post, post, post! What's the fun of music if we don't talk about it.

If you have any questions or comments, notice misspellings (and you will, although I try to catch or fix them all) or you are a band with MP3s you'd like me to check out, e-mail me at

The Baby Heisman
The Ronettes — Be My Baby (MP3)

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