Thursday, March 22, 2007

A great weekend for music (and I'm going to miss it!)

Two of my favorite San Diego bands (a lot of San Diegans' favorite bands, actually) are playing this weekend. Sadly, I'm going to be back home in Portland and will miss both. But if you're around, they're absolutely worth checking out.

On Friday night. Grand Ole Party return from their SXSW trip for a hometown show at the Casbah. If there can be such a thing as hype or buzz in the San Diego music scene, GoP certainly has it. But their music — sounding vaguely like something you'd hear coming out of CBGB circa 1978 but not like a rip-off — is tight enough to warrant the attention.

(I do say lose the mustache and get a permanent drummer so Kristen can command the stage as a frontwoman, but that's just me.)

Grand Ole Party on MySpace

On Sunday, one of San Diego's great indie pop bands, Swim Party, plays an opening set at the Casbah. I've actually only seen Swim Party once. Every time they play, something seems to happen or come up to keep me from going. Good to see the streak will continue. Seriously guys, I'll get out to your next show. I'd promise, but, well, you know. In the meantime, go and fill in for me.

Swim Party on MySpace

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