Thursday, March 15, 2007

Daft Punk is Playing At My Myspace

That reference is SOOOO 2005.

Anyway, the new LCD Soundsystem album is streaming on the band's myspace page now. "Sound of Silver," the sophomore full-length from dance-punk producer/crowned king of cool James Murphy and his band is out Tuesday. It's also one of the most-leaked albums of late 2006-2007. So if you're really into it, you've probably already gone after it.

But if you have not, you might be asking, "Well, what does it sound like?"

"Gay stuff. Disco. Bored People."

Says Murphy, not me.

I'd make a snarky comment about dance-punk, but that's SOOOOO 2005, too.

Here's the link:

Steam the new LCD Soundsystem on the band's Myspace page here

P.S. Modest Mouse is doing the same thing.

Stream "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank"

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