Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Catching up on the news

I didn't read any music news over my long weekend up north, so I'm still catching up (apologies for no new post since Friday). Between music news, real news, blogs, etc., I'm still playing catch-up.

So here's the stories I'm reading that I missed, in case you missed them, too.

The New York Times had a story Sunday about the further demise of the album, profiling a band that just signed a two-SONG deal. Read it here.

The Wall Street Journal had a story Saturday about the military looking for lesser-known bands (including at SXSW) to play at bases in Iraq to entertain the troops. Read it here.

The L.A. Times had a story Friday about Republicans trying to woo musicians and entertainers. Read it here.

Speaking of the GOP, the New York Times had a cover story Sunday about the extensive spying by the NYPD before the GOP convention. There's some band/music tie-ins, but it's mostly worth reading because it's infuriating and nothing will change unless more people start speaking up. Read it here.

And on a much lighter note, New Pornographers frontman Carl Newman discusses the band's upcoming album with Billboard. Read it here.

New, real, actual posts are coming back soon. Promise.

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