Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cashing in: A whole new ballgame

Our Sports and Video Games correspondent, TCon, sent in this tip:

Last year, 2K Sports' baseball video game was soundtracked entirely by Matador Records bands. This year's version, MLB 2K7, will include some of your most-loved (Tapes N Tapes, the Pixies) and most-hated (Sublime, 311) bands.

311 “Down”
Bishop Allen “Middle Management”
Cities in Dust “Emergency”
Death From Above 1979 “Little Girl”
Dixie Witch “Set the Speed”
Editors “Munich”
Five Horse Johnson “I Can’t Shake It”
Greatdayforup “Man’s Ruin”
Les Savy Fav “Hold On To Your Genre”
Nerf Herder “High Five Anxiety”
Nirvana “Breed”
Sublime “Summertime”
Tapes ‘n Tapes “Insistor”
The Jealous Sound “Na├»ve”
The M’s “Plan Of The Man”
The Pixies “Mr. Grieves”

The standout on that list is Nirvana. Courtney Love recently allowed Nirvana music to be licensed, and while we'd probably feel icky hearing a Nirvana song tied to ANY product, at least this one isn't a slap in the face.

The game looks pretty sweet, amazingly realistic. But here at Baby Heisman, you know how we get down:

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