Friday, February 16, 2007

Buy your springtime soundtrack tonight

Local band The Modlins are having their CD release party TONIGHT at the Whistlestop in South Park. It's their debut LP, coming after a couple of EPs, and it's coming out at the perfect time.

Inspired by equal parts Buddy Holly and early Weezer, the Modlins music makes a great soundtrack for that transition from San Diego winter to spring. I know we don't have real seasons here, but there's still a parting of the clouds, a slight warming, and if the LP is up to the level of their EPs, then it will be great music for playing while driving the 101, hanging out by a window with a good book or that first barbecue. Check out their myspace page to get a taste of what I mean.

The band wears matching suits when they play, and usually I'm really against anything gimmick-ey like that. But it fits the music instead of getting in the way of it; they wear them well.

Expect a Whistlestop full of bobbing heads and swaying hips. Swim Party and The Fascination round out the San Diego indie pop bill.

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