Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clap Your Hands Say MySpace

Baby, it's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Wait, don't hang up.

Baby, I've been thinking about you so much lately, how hot and heavy we were back in 2005. I still remember how we met on the Internet. You were looking for something new and I was trying to be all cool, playing hard-to-get. We agreed to meet in the record store, but the clerk said I wasn't there. I know it just made you want me even more. And when we did hook up, damn, the sparks flew. Some of your friends didn't like me; you're parents hated me. They said I didn't sound right for you; you didn't care. Nothing was going to change the way you felt. But something that burns so hot has to cool off. So I understood when you said you wanted to see other bands. But that was 2006, and it's over now.

I know you look at my Myspace page using your fake profile so I won't know you're still thinking about me, but you should go there now. I'm striving to be your '07 lover, to give you "Some Loud Thunder" where I know you're craving it. I'm restarting our love-hate relationship with a song that sounds like it's coming through a blown-out speaker. Don't worry baby, I'm not hurt, I'm just being me.

I know you're worried about getting burned. Will it be as good as the first time? Was it even that good the first time to begin with? Baby, I say it doesn't matter. You know you want to give it another try.

Your Loud Thunder lover,

"Some Loud Thunder" streaming on myspace
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — Love Song No. 7 (MP3)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — Underwater (You and Me) (MP3)

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